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지난 4월달에 참여한 GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)의 서베이 결과가 오늘 도착해서 대략 살펴보니 작년과 크게 달라진 것은 없어 보입니다.

저의 경우 졸업 한 뒤로 계속해서 해당 서베이에 참여하고 있는데, 다른 나라 MBA들이 어느 정도 일하고 어느 직장에서 얼마만큼의 보수를 받는지 등에 대한 정보를 볼 수 있어서 상당히 유익한 것 같습니다.

서베이 결과를 간단히 요약하면 다음과 같습니다.

* The vast majority of MBA alumni were employed-91% were working for an organization and 6% were self-employed.

* On average, alumni had worked for 1.5 organizations since completing graduate business school, and employed respondents had worked at their current organization for 3.5 years, on average.

* The typical workweek among those employed was 50 hours, but respondents in higher-level positions worked longer hours on average compared with respondents in lower-level positions.

* Slightly more than two-fifths of the respondents had received a promotion with their current employer, and 29% of these respondents felt the promotion was earned in less time than expected.

* The median annual base salary among employed respondents was US$90,000.

* The key drivers of employer satisfaction were supportive and ethical employers, pay, and the ability to achieve personal value from work.

* The key drivers of job satisfaction were challenging and interesting work, the ability to achieve personal value from work, and opportunities for using skills.

* Knowing what they know now, three quarters of respondents would definitely have pursued a graduate business degree, and 21% would probably have still pursued the degree.

혹시나 MBA를 가려고 준비하시는 분들은 시간을 내서 통계자료를 한번 찬찬히 살펴보시면 차후에 진로를 설계를 하실 때 도움이 되지않을까 생각합니다.


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